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33, בתולה, Colombia, Asiática
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Fuck my pussy close up + Squirt My Magic Tips 11 - 24 - 111 :wanker: #lovense #dildo #curvy #cum #anal #squirt #daddy #ass #milk #kinky #pregnant

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גובה>5 '- 5'3 "[150 ס"מ - 160 ס"מ]
משקל120-140 פאונד [55-63 ק"ג]
אתניותלטיני / היספני
שפותספרדית, אנגלית
עיר הבית
שיער ערווהשעירי
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I'm turned on on a daily basis!
im young and energetic am a spontaneous, casual, friendly, kind, capricious
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I am a model with feelings,so please respect me and be nice! I will ban whoever i feel are disrespectful !

Things u need to know about me when u enter my chatroom

- I am NOT going to be ur clown
- I DONT humiliate

Except all the above I DO enjoy a nice intelligent chat and a good quality sex show
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שני 02:00 – 08:00
שלישי 02:00 – 08:00
רביעי 02:00 – 08:00
חמישי 02:00 – 08:00
שישי 02:00 – 08:00
שבת 02:00 – 08:00
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❤My accent is unique. ❤I live with my cats. ❤I'm a student. ❤I love reading. ❤I write erotic novels. ❤I'm a nymphomaniac. ❤This is my addiction. ❤I love chatting and having fun. ❤I am all natural and genuine. ❤I'm a very shy girl in real. ❤I love to go wild with you. ❤It makes me feel good when you cum for me. ❤The craziest thing? - 24 hours on cam challenge. ❤Naughtiest thing? - Getting fingered by a guy while other guys were sleeping in the same room;) ❤Top 3 places on my bucket list? (you're gonna have to ask me to find out ;) ) ❤Biggest dream? - Reaching the stars. ❤The thing I like the most here?- Everything (yea, even the grays lol)

My favorite music

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Keesin Cosplay
Keesin Cosplay
I wish to be your tender kitty forever.
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Perfume Ralph Lauren Pony 2
Perfume Ralph Lauren Pony 2
Nothing better than feeling like a lovely woman.
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Top 100
Top 100
I love what I do, and I want to be among the 100 best BongaCams, it would be the best support for me.
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I want to have so much fun with you, I came up with a fun game! If you make me squirt by being the last tipper before the squirt, Ill send you a video of me! If you become my squirt guru, I want to have 15 minutes of alone time with you in private to show you just how naughty I can be. I want you to be my squirt daddy!


❤You are like the duracell bunny, you never stop!'' ❤When I fuck my wife, I fantasize about you'' ❤So strong like wonder woman.'' ❤This is where I come to find happiness.'' ❤Your cave is so beautiful...'' OMG I can't believe it, I just came in and already nutted'' ❤Ups, I did it again.'' ❤I can't stop watching you,my boss is going to fire me'' ❤I'm 70 but you make me feel like a teenager again'' ❤Where can I find a girl like you?'' ❤You make me laugh while cumming, it feels amazing'' ❤You are the best girl in the world'' ❤I'm going to make you squirt again and again'' ❤Someone call the exorcist, this girl is possessed'' ❤My balls are empty but I'm happy'' ❤You're the reason I rush home from work'' ❤I swear,you're magical.You make me happier than my wife and I don't even live with you.'' ❤I've never seen anyone who enjoys this as much as you do''


❤Pixie you are an orgasm machine - there is no one like you, and always so shamelessly spread - you have to be the number one chat girl.'' ❤Those big puppy dog eyes just get me every time.'' ❤I think I've found the best streamer on bongacams.'' ❤You're better than a tv show since watching you is actually good.'' ❤While this is very sexual in nature,it's more than that.It's a form of art.And thank you for sharing your beautiful,artistic gift with us.'' ❤I'll be honest, I came to cum but I'm staying because of the smiles and chatter.'' ❤Finally found a nice and genuine person that can put on a good show'' ❤I love getting to witness this beautiful woman doing what she loves'' ❤Pixie's room is by far my favorite place on earth. She always makes me smile, and i dont usually do that often. Its great.'' ❤you are so good that I could not just fuck you if i had a chance,i would like to make love to you, the whole girlfriend experience, best friend for life..''


❤i can always count on your room to get me off. youre so good at what you do'' ❤Gorgeous. Sincere. At peace with your sexual needs. If only I had your courage and honesty.'' ❤always a great experience jerking off with you,your love of masturbation is so sexy'' ❤Its 4am and im only awake to see you'' ❤Pixie you are the most real person on here, i love the way you include everyone you honestly are a amazing soul'' More to come....